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Divorce Care program


“Does this pain ever stop?” – Cheryl

“It hurts me every day.” – Loretta

Emotional healing after divorce is possible. People are finding it at DivorceCare.

“The DivorceCare group was instrumental to my healing process. The group, video and workbook have been a Godsend.” – Denise

“It wasn’t until I attended DivorceCare that I began to heal.” – Thomas

“DivorceCare is the best decision I’ve made to aid in my healing!” – Alexandra

Discover the hope and support others have found.

“Divorce Care” program starting this Wed 8/24/21 6:30-8:30 pm 

Please call 240-291-1270 or 301-739-4051 if you are interested.

Seats are limited.   Find a group near you  http://ed.gr/c3d24