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Th'ot for Thursday


August 16, 2018

Good morning my fellow “followers of Christ”!  What joy & excitement it is to be able to be confident in our relationship with God – not based on how good we are – but on the promise of salvation & life HE’s given us thru the sacrifice of HIS Son Jesus Christ!  “…it is GOD himself”, that holds us “firm in Christ. He anointed us, set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit , guaranteeing what is to come.”    HALLELUJAH!!!     It’s in this promise, that I bring this week’s “Tho’t 4 Thursday”.


I want to bring us to a reminder of what “prayer” is - & how amazingly powerful it can be for one who learns to grow in it & utilize it in their walk with our infinite, powerful, faithful GOD!!

  1. HE knows what each day holds for us, & the worldly hardships & temptations that will come our way.     How awesome, that we can speak to the ONE who already sees knows our day before we even wake?  Do we?
  2. HE knows the choices we face & need to make in every situation we live thru each day.  How awesome that we can talk with him about those decisions – and HE will lead us & guide us!  Are you going to Him – or do you find yourself stuck in worry & anxiety?   (Proverbs 3:5-8)
  3. HE knows all that’s going on around us – every moment. His protection, according to HIS plan… is promised!


So many things going on around us each & every day. And it’s crazy, but HE is totally aware of it all: 

  • Needs in…

Sickness / Finances / Marriages / Families / Unexpected Situations…

and more!


Prayer is the direct line to the ONE who is aware of everything… and totally able to see you / bring you thru everything. Our prayers go directly to GOD, thru Jesus who is also serving in intercessory prayer over us & for us as well.  WOW!!!!!!


Don’t forget the access we have, the power available to us… as well as all the answers are according to HIS will & what is eternally best for us!


My friend - don’t be afraid of prayer.  Our GOD is waiting to hear you, reveal to you & guide you. HIS love for you is so faithful & wants to prove to you that HE does know what’s best for you!


So lovin’ our GOD!


Pastor Brad