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Th'ot for Thursday

May 24, 2018


“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?”

Psalm 42:1-2



     As I read these 2 verses, I am drawn in to the desire of the Psalmist. What beautiful, descriptive poetry used to explain his desire to be with his God.  “… deer pants for streams of water, my soul pants for you, O God.”   

I think about the many times I’ve felt parched – like my mouth was full of cotton balls!  Or the times when my body has felt totally drawn out for lack of fluid, after a hard soccer practice or work around the house.


    I’m certain that many, if not all of you have experienced the same in your own way, over the days of your life. Remember how wonderful it was when you took the first “gulp” of that cool water you fixed?  Shew… how really refreshing it was… right? 


    So just a few tho’ts that are running thru my mind…

  • Do I “pant” for time with my Savior, as I have for a simple glass of water at times?  Do I “thirst” for God?
  • Have I learned in my walk with Him -  that true “refreshing” comes from my Maker, not this world & it’s entertainment?
  • Do I look forward to when you can meet with God, whether it be personally or with your fellow sisters & brothers in Him?


    How ‘bout you?  Is He that important to you that you simply can’t make it without Him?  Or, are you chasing the things that fade away?


    Church… let’s learn to realize our “thirst” – our need for Him!


Love you guys!



“HE WAITS FOR ME” by Carol Evans